Kiwi Crate Review from a Toddler Mom

Kiwi Crate Review- what we thought and how it worked with allergies.

Kiwi Crate Review

This is post is a collaboration between Kiwi Crate and My Gluten Free Miami. All opinions are my own.

Koala Crate

So I may have a problem. I love mail and I love box subscriptions, and now I’m bringing my daughter into my addition. When I was first asked about reviewing Kiwi Crate (Koala Crate is the specific box for 3-4 year olds), I didn’t really think it would fit into what I do with My Gluten Free Miami, yes I am a toddler mom, and educator, but this is a Gluten Free Blog, not a mom blog.

Kiwi Crate Painting Project

But then I started thinking, could we even use this kind of kit in our house. Even though my daughter has no allergies, at home, we are careful about things that contain gluten, because let’s face it- Toddlers get thing everywhere and the last thing I want is gluten all over my house.

Kiwi Crate Penguin Craft

Kiwi Crate Review from a Toddler Mom

We actually saved the box till we went to my visit my mom and grandma. It was the perfect size to just throw in our luggage and provided a ton of fun for my little one. She had received Koala Crate which is for 3-4 years old. She’s only two so she need some help, and basically destroyed the snowman, but she had a blast.

Kiwi Crate Snowman


  • It was a lot of fun.
  • Everything was included.
  • Activities varied and appealed to different learning styles.
  • Age appropriate.
  • The cost was reasonable.
  • STEM-based activities.


  • No allergen warnings. I did have to email them to ask about allergens and they didn’t give a crystal clear response. If your child has severe allergies, this is probably not for them (though I am realizing that most art supplies doesn’t have allergen warnings).
  • If you have multiple children you will need a kit for each child. They would be difficult to share.

Final Thoughts

As a mom who lives in a tiny apartment without space to store lots of art supplies, this is perfect for us. It runs about 20.00 a month and there is no way I could buy all the materials for 20.00. Two of the activities were reusable, which was awesome. My biggest concern was if the paint and clay had gluten in them and the response was that it was not a primary ingredient, but they couldn’t guarantee cross contact.

It is definitely a personal decision if you have allergies, but the kit itself is really fun and would make a great ongoing gift for any child.

If you decide to try it, be sure to sign up for ebates first and get an extra 7.5% back.  Then use the Koala Crate Link for 30% off your first order!

Koala Crate Save 30% On Your First Month’s Box

How do you deal with allergies and art supplies at your house?


6 thoughts on “Kiwi Crate Review from a Toddler Mom

  1. I tried kiwi crate a few times and really liked it. It’s true you do need one for each child though which I understand, but one of mine is 3 (2 at the time) so it’s a balancing act. Still worth it though 🙂 I had forgotten about kiwi crate until now…I’ll have to check it out again. Thx!

  2. Thanks for acknowledging to check for allergies! Our little guy has a peanut allergy and it can be hidden in so many things including bird feed. Such a great tip to add to your post. Thanks!

  3. I got my daughter a 3 month subscription to Tinker Crate by Kiwi Crate for my daughter’s 15th birthday. She absolutely loves it and says the quality of the materials is good. Tinker Crate is geared to older kids and has some engineering & Science stem projects. I actually renewed it for another 3 months about a month ago because she loves it so much.

  4. I showed my daughter the pictures of your daughter playing with the kit and she laughed and said fun. Looks like a great kit for busy toddlers. I love the idea of using it for travel.

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