10 Easy Gluten Free Meals for Families on the Go

10 Easy Gluten Free Meals for those nights when you just don’t have time to cook!Easy Gluten Free MealsAll photos courtesy of the blogger who created the recipe.

Give Me Easy or Give Me Take Out

Well, that’s how I feel, but if you’ve been gluten free for any length of time, you know that take it out really isn’t an option AND it’s extremely pricey AND not usually very healthy.

As much as I want to be a “Pinterest Mom” with a freezer full of food for the month and mason jar salads ready to go, it’s just not gonna happen.

I work, I have a toddler, I have the smallest kitchen you’ve ever seen (I wish I was joking), but I still have to feed my family so I am always on the lookout for easy gluten free meals that I can whip up, the less ingredients and dishes needed the better!

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I asked some of my fellow gluten free bloggers what were there favorite easy gluten free meals and these 10 topped the list. I can’t wait to start cooking them and saving time in the kitchen!

Gluten Free Meatloaf MuffinsEasy Gluten Free Meals

Veggie packed and free from gluten and dairy with a quick and easy prep. It’s even Worcester free for those with fish allergies. I would suggest doubling the recipe and freezing the extras for later! It’s an all in one meal that you just can’t beat!

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One Pan Cabbage Casserole One-Pan-Cabbage-Casserole-1-of-1

You can’t beat this one pan casserole, it has everything you need- veggies, grain, protein and melted cheese. What more could you ask for? I can’t wait to try this meal it out!

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Honey Mustard Pretzel Crusted Chicken TendersHoney-Mustard-Pretzel-Crusted-Chicken-7-663x1024

Only 3 ingredients in these delicious chicken tenders. You can’t get much easier than that. Plus, we always have the Pretzel Crisp Gluten Free Pretzels on hand. They are delicious!

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Mac with Hidden Veggies

One Pot Macaroni and Cheese

This one pot macaroni and cheese is amazing. Some hidden veggies for color and nutrition. My toddler is in heaven and my hubby is happy to eat mac and cheese for dinner!

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Skillet Southwestern Chicken and Quinoaskillet

I am so excited about this chicken and quinoa skillet. It is packed with all kinds of goodness and so easy! Plus there are not tons of dishes to clean (which is always a plus!). This is a one dish wonder.

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634bb-lazy2bchicken2bcordon2bbleu2b6-1Lazy Chicken Cordon Blue

You know a recipe is easy when it has lazy in the title. I’m always on the go so this is a perfect recipe for my family! Complete dinner in one pan and it’s economical!

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30 Minute Chicken & Mushroom Marsalackn.marsala.5x7.pan_

This dish is the perfect dish for company, under 30 minutes and it’s top 8 allergen free so it’s the perfect allergen friendly dish. Plus it’s beautiful! Add a fresh salad and you are set!

For more allergen friendly recipes visit Allergy Awesomeness!

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Linguine-with-Smoked-Salmon-and-Rosé-Sauce-3Linguine with Smoked Salmon and Rosé Sauce

When I was looking through recipes, trying to decide which ones I wanted to include in the roundup, my husband saw this and said “WHOA” what’s that? It looks good.” I can’t wait to try it. I love a rose sauce and the addition of smoked salmon is awesome.

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Paleo Asian Lettuce WrapsPaleo-Asian-Lettuce-Wraps-close-683x1024

I love lettuce wraps. They are so fresh and tasty, perfect for summer time, plus they are healthy! Can’t ask for more than that. Pure deliciousness!

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10-minute-enchilada-IMG_038410 Minute Enchiladas

Gluten Free Enchiladas in 10 minutes? Yes, please! I am a lover of Mexican food. I love a good corn tortilla. Wrap it around some meat and top with cheese- I am in heaven.

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I hope you enjoy these easy gluten free recipes. Be sure to follow our Easy Gluten Free Meals Pinterest Board to get new recipes and ideas, Just click the pin below and follow!

Easy Gluten Free Meals

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32 thoughts on “10 Easy Gluten Free Meals for Families on the Go

  1. Great collection. I love how different they all are – you never have to be bored.

    And I agree – this isn’t food you put up with because you’re gluten free – it’s food you enjoy, and isn’t it nice that I can eat it too?

  2. Fantastic roundup, can’t wait to try these recipes when I need something quick for dinner (read: every night). Thanks for featuring my recipe for One Pan Cabbage Casserole!

  3. Really timely for me to see this post. My wife through out yesterday that we should consider trying to go gluten-free. She thought it would help make us healthier by reducing inflammation. You have a great round up that is very encouraging.

  4. This is a great idea — I try to think of myself as someone who preps and has plenty of food ready for the week, but it never actually happens!! I can definitely sympathize! These meals look delish, too! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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