5 Must Haves for Spring Fun on the Go

Warm weather is here and it’s time to get outside. I have 5 Must Haves for Spring Fun that need a place in your on the go mom bag!

Must haves for spring

This post is part of a collaboration between Enjoy Life Foods and My Gluten Free Miami. All opinions are my own.

Spring Days

Spring Days are here. I know there is still snow in a few parts of the country (What is with that?), but it won’t be here for long. In the next few weeks, it’ll be time to get back outside.

I love Spring, the weather. It’s still a tad bit cooler and the days are longer. Plus, we always have more of breeze in the Spring!

Enjoy LIfe Foods Mom Bag

5 Must Haves for Spring Fun on the Go

I love to have a bag ready to go for last minute outings. For us, that usually means the park. We have a beautiful park that has a trail by the ocean that I love.

I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the things I keep in my bag (perhaps inspire you to create your own fun Mom On the Go Bag!).

Enjoy LIfe Foods Cookies Bag

Gluten Free Snacks

You can’t have a mom bag without snacks. They’re crucial. Somewhere in the mom code, it is written, “Thou shalt always have snacks.”

Enjoy Life Foods has some of my favorite snacks for both Moms and kids. My daughter loves the cookies, Plentils and of course the snack packs of chocolate chips. I love the chewy chocolate granola bars and the seed and fruit mix is definitely one of my faves.

They are perfect for keeping in your “Mom On the Go Bag” because they are shelf stable and perfect for sharing. You never know when you are on a play date and need an extra snack, because Enjoy Life Foods are Top 8 Free it makes them perfect to share and not have to worry about allergies.Enjoy Life Foods Bag of Spring Fun


Reusable bottles are the way to go, but I like to keep a couple disposable bottles in case we forget.

Large Towel or Blanket

You gotta have somewhere to sit.¬† The kids are probably running around, but you want to have a place to sit, and let’s face it, there’s not always a bench handy.


Usually, my little one is perfectly capable of coming up with creative ideas to keep her busy at the park, but I like to keep a few fun items on hand. Bubbles, a ball, and as of late, she is super fond of kites.


April Showers bring May flowers, always keep an umbrella on hand. In South Florida it rains almost every day starting in May and you never know when one of the showers will start!

Closing bag

I love to keep my bag packed at all times and my toddler loves to sneak inside it to see what else might be hiding in there.

Another great thing about my bag is that the inside is insulated, so it keeps everything cool, though I still wouldn’t suggest leaving it in the car. We keep ours packed and ready to go by the front door.

What are you must haves for spring fun?

Do you have a favorite Enjoy Life Foods Snack that you keep with you at all times?

32 thoughts on “5 Must Haves for Spring Fun on the Go

  1. All of these are great suggestions. We love Enjoy Life foods. I keep a supply of the snacks with me all the time. Your little one is growing so fast! She certainly seems to enjoy the snacks!

    • I feel you on that! I’m very white as well, though because my daughter is mixed, she is a bit darker and just gets darker the longer she is out in the sun!

    • I love them because they are nut free as well, you never know who you might want to share with and it’s always great to find snacks that are allergy free!

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