Product Review Friday: Nuttee Bean Co Review

Nuttee Bean Co Review- The allergen-friendly snack for everyone!

 NutteeBean Co. provided product in exchange for an honest review.

Nuttee Bean Co Review

NutteeBean Co ReviewWhen Nuttee Bean first contacted me to try their fava beans, I will admit, I was a bit unsure. I honestly wasn’t entirely sure what a fava bean was. Turns out they are crunchy, delicious and healthy! What a great combination.

As a recently launched Florida-based company, Nuttee Bean takes great pride in their products, which are all top 8 allergen free and made in a dedicated facility. (If you are Celiac, Gluten Sensitive, or have food allergies, you understand how important this is!) There are NO Nuts in Nuttee Bean. They are also a verified allergy free snack product on Snack Safely. Transparent in all their manufacturing practices, any information you are looking for can be found on the Nuttee Bean Website

Crunchy Goodness

NutteeBean Co ReviewI don’t know about you, but I am a snacker. Very rarely are my snacks very healthy, but Nuttee Bean has fixed this. Full of flavor, high in protein, high in fiber, no cholesterol, and there are even some vitamins hiding in there. I’m sure my doctor will approve.

NutteeBean also comes in 3 great flavors that are perfect for snacking:

Spicy Fava Beans

Salt & Vinegar Fava Beans

Wasabi & Ginger Fava Beans

More great flavors are in the works.

Get Yourself Some Nuttee Beans

Before I end this Nuttee Bean Co Review I have to share with you a little story. I had set aside some of the Nuttee Beans to take some more picture, but then I got a picture from my husband at work. He had taken them and was eating them all! He came home asking me to order him more. That doesn’t happen with snacks very often. If he loves them, you should definitely give them a try!

You can order NutteeBean on their Website, Amazon, or at Whole Foods in Pinecrest.

If you have any questions about their products, check out the Nuttee Bean website. They even have a nutritionist on staff that you can talk to about Fava Beans and Nuttee Bean.


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