perfectlyfree- Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert Review

Perfectlyfree has 3 flavors of non-dairy frozen dessert that are totally craveable!

perfectlyfree strawberry sundae ice cream with scoop

This post is a collaboration between My Gluten Free Miami and perfectlyfree®. All opinions are my own.


Last week was the first week of spring, and you know what that means- summer is just around the corner! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for frozen desserts.

Ok, well, I’m always ready for frozen desserts, so the time of year doesn’t keep me from eating them, but it does give me an excuse to get more!

I’m already a fan of perfectlyfree’s frozen bites. Love them- coconut cream wrapped in fruits or chocolate. Yum! Not everyone realizes it, but they also make a delicious non-dairy frozen dessert.

perfectlyfree caramel cafe overhead shot

Caramel Cafe

First up is perfectlyfree’s Caramel Cafe frozen dessert. Creamy, delicious, with a hint of coffee. It’s not your typical caramel ice cream. The coffee flavor pairs perfectly with the caramel! A scoop of this in some coffee would be amazing!

perfectyfree strawberry sundae in a bowl

Strawberry Sundae

This is probably my favorite flavor (and you are going to want to make sure you are following me, because I have an amazing recipe using this flavor coming up!)

Do you remember making strawberry milk as a child? With strawberry syrup? This reminds me of a healthier, tastier version. The strawberry swirls throughout the coconut ice cream are totally addicting!

perfectlyfree_fudge swirl

Fudge Swirl

If you love chocolate, you will love this. Dark chocolate swirled with coconut ice cream, it’s a chocolate lovers dream. This is my hubbies fave. Loves the dark chocolate flavor. We have used this one for ice cream sandwiches (check it out HERE!)

All of perfectlyfrees flavors are amazing. Use their store finder to find them near you!

Do you have a favorite flavor? Let me know in the comments!perfectly free ice cream bowls

30 thoughts on “perfectlyfree- Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert Review

  1. I seriously was excited to find that they do sell this at a grocery store near me! I just went dairy free and it’s been over 2 months since I had ice cream. I am going to buy this. LOL

  2. If it looks like ice cream and taste like ice cream I am in. We don’t have to be dairy or gluten free but that won’t stop us from eating all of these great flavors and enjoying them one and all.

  3. These sound delicious! I’ve never had issues with dairy in the past, but I’ve been having trouble with some of it lately, so I’ll definitely be on the lookout for some ice cream alternatives this summer!

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