Tips for a Perfectly Free Summer with perfectlyfree Frozen Bites

Summertime, fun time- perfectlyfree frozen bites are perfect for that poolside or party snack. Even better? Plan some mom time and settle in to enjoy!perfectly free frozen bites summer treats

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Summer Time, Fun Time

Summer is finally here! Of course in Miami, it never really left. We just went from hot to hotter, but kids are out of school, pools are open and when we are lucky it stops raining long enough to use them!

This summer we are spending as much by the water as possible- the beach, the pool, wherever we can cool off. The only problem I have with the water is it can feel like packing for a 10 day trip. The goal is to relax. I got a few tips to make those summer cool off trips a little less hectic, plus how to include some mom time in the midst of it all!

Summer Time Fun Time sign with perfectlyfree frozen bites

Keep It Simple

These are some of my favorite water day tips. I always keep it as simple as possible. As much fun as it is for the kids, I want a little mom time too. Keeping it simple means less stress and more fun.

  1. Kids are creative, they don’t need 10 bags of water toys. A bucket and a shovel provide hours of fun! I find when I keep it simple, my daughter will play independently for much longer than when she has too many choices. That means more time for mommy to relax!
  2. Pack snacks and water. There is nothing worse than being at the beach or in the pool, the kids are playing happily, and then they are hungry and there is nothing to eat. I like prepackaged snacks for the water because they keep the food dry and if you don’t eat them all, just leave them in the bag for next time. I do like to take some fruit, usually apples or watermelon.
  3. Keep gallons of water in the car (just refill old gallon jugs with tap water). It’s perfect for rinsing of sand and chlorine if there aren’t any showers.
  4. Don’t forget the car towels. There are beach/pool towels, and then there are car towels that keep your seats from smelling like pool water. Leave them in the car so you don’t accidentally get them wet before you need them.
  5. Don’t forget the cool treat. Whether you pack it in ice and take it with you, or have it ready for when you get home- a cold treat is a perfect end to a day on the water.

perfectlyfree frozen bites in a cup

perfectlyfree Frozen Bites

One of our favorite treats after a day on the water is perfectlyfree’s frozen bites. They are perfect for taking with you because they come in little individually wrapped packs of 4 or for snacking on when your kids are exhausted from being in the pool and are taking that nice long nap.

If you want to make your frozen treat even more fun, you can always grab some cups (I got these at Target). It takes your yummy frozen bites to party level. Not only are they gluten free, but top 8 allergen free! Plus, only 30 calories or less per bite. Doesn’t get better than that!

If you haven’t tried perfectlyfree frozen bites yet, you are missing out. All the flavors are delicious. My favorite for summer is the orange creme and salted caramel.

Have you tried perfectlyfree bites yet? If so, what is your favorite flavor?

perfectlyfree frozen bites for a perfectly free summer

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Summertime, fun time- perfectlyfree frozen bites are perfect for that poolside or party snack. Even better? Plan some mom time and settle in to enjoy!

15 thoughts on “Tips for a Perfectly Free Summer with perfectlyfree Frozen Bites

  1. I love to take watermelon for snacks, too. It helps keep everyone hydrated. The perfectlyfree Bites are an anytime favorite. They cut down on mess and are easy to serve up.

  2. My kids would love these treats! And I agree- When there are too many choices for the kids to play with, it’s just more chaotic for everyone!

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