perfectlyfree Fruit Bites- Rethinking Fruit Snacks

Perfectlyfree has done it again- changing the market with a new take on fruit snacks. Fresh, made with real fruit and irresistible! Perfectlyfree fruit bites are the perfect snack!

perfectlyfree fruit snacks

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Rethinking Fruit Snacks

When you think fruit snacks, I’m sure the artificially colored gummies come to mind. They stick in your teeth and are hated by dentists, but every kid loves them, including my own.

We rarely eat fruit snacks, when we do they are a special treat, but with perfectlyfree’s new take on fruit snacks, I can feel good about sending them with my toddler to school every day!

perfectlyfree fruit snacks being taken out of bag

perfectlyfree Fruit Bites

I’ve been a fan of perfectlyfree’s frozen dessert bites for a long time and cannot tell you how excited I am about these fruit bites. They are made of actual, real fruit. Not fruit juice. Pureed fruit. Each little bag is a half serving of fruit.

I expected them to come loose in the bag and was pleasantly surprised to find them individually packaged, which is perfect for throwing into lunch boxes!

perfectlyfree lunch box with fruit bites

These non-gmo, vegan fruit bites are full of fruit puree in the center and a grape like skin. They have a similar texture to gummies, but without gelatin or all the yucky stuff like artificial colors and sweeteners.

perfectlyfree bites flavors

Just like with all perfectlyfree’s products, they are all natural and top 8 allergen free.

These delicious bites come in 4 flavors (3 shown here!)- Mixed Berry, Pineapple Mango, Strawberry Banana, and Raspberry Pomegranate.

perfectlyfree lunch box up close

Snacks, Lunches, and on the Go

With all their fruity goodness, perfectlyfree fruit bites are perfect for school lunches, afterschool snacks and on the go. They do need to be refrigerated but are fine at room temperature for a few hours.

Just because they are called fruit bites, doesn’t mean they are just for kids. My husband loved them. They are perfect for a healthier sweet treat when the craving hits.

perfectlyfree mixed berry fruit bites

You can use the perfectlyfree store finder to see if they are available near you and if they aren’t, ask!

Meanwhile- what flavor of perfectlyfree fruit bites would you want to try first- Strawberry Banana, Mixed Berry, Pineapple Mango or Raspberry Pomegranate?

Also be sure to check out my reviews of perfectlyfree’s other great products HERE and HERE!

Happy Gluten Free Eating!


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Perfectlyfree has done it again- changing the market with a new take on fruit snacks. Fresh, made with real fruit and irresistible! Pureed fruit, covered in a grape-like skin is the perfect fruit bite!

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  1. Yum – what a great concept for getting kids to eat healthy foods. I bet they taste delicious (especially the pineapple & mango one).

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