Why Can’t Wheat Be Friends- Product Review

Why Can’t Wheat Be Friends offers delicious cookies and crackers- all gluten free!Why can't wheat be friends.

The product in this post was won as part of an Instagram giveaway.

Why Can’t Wheat Be Friends?

I love Instagram giveaways! Why? Because the chances of winning are usually pretty good and sometimes I win really cool things! Like all these delicious baked goodies from Why Can’t Wheat Be Friends?!

When this fabulous package of cookies and crackers showed up at my door, I had to share it. I do make cookies from time to time (like these award winning Peppermint Snickerdoodles!) and of course I buy gluten free cookies, but sometimes it’s nice to get all that homemade baked goodness, without having to do the work myself.

Why Can't Wheat Be Friends Cheese Crackers

Crackers and Cookies

First up was these cheese crackers. So yummy. Full of cheesey goodness, perfect for soups or salads or just eating by the handful. They also make oyster crackers, which I haven’t tried, but I would love to get some to eat with Chili.

Chocolate Chip Cookies are a classic. The texture of these was perfect. My husband ate most of them. Check out my Instagram feed to see the ice cream sandwich he made. Not all cookies can handle an ice cream sandwich, but these did so perfectly.

These Keebler style cookies were my daughters favorite. She loves the chocolate inside. The cookie itself is delicious, plus the cut out is adorable. I’d love to get some in a smaller size because they were a little big to let my two year old eat the whole thing, not that she couldn’t- she loved them!

I also received some s’more cookies and chocolate chip with bacon cookies. Yep, that’s right, Chocolate Chip with Bacon. Everything is better with bacon right? and these cookies were no exception. I couldn’t wait to share them with my dad, the bacon king.

Why Can’t Wheat Be Friends offers delicious gluten free homemade baked goodies, shipped straight to you. Be sure to check her out and get some of these awesome cookies for yourself!

Website: Why Can’t Wheat Be Friends

Facebook: Why Can’t Wheat Be Friends Facebook

Instagram: Why Can’t Wheat Be Friends Instagram 

No additional compensation was given for this post, I loved the cookies received in the contest and wanted to share them with my readers!

Happy Gluten Free Eating!

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12 thoughts on “Why Can’t Wheat Be Friends- Product Review

  1. I don’t know why I read these post. They just made me want sugar. Seriously though, those look amazing and I’ll have to give them a try. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Amy,
      I’m the baker behind Why Can’t Wheat Be Friends? I am in the process of adapting my chocolate chip cookie & brownie recipes to be made with natural sweeteners such as Honey after receiving several request for that option. If you want to be updated when that is ready please sign up for my mailing list on the site.
      Cara 🙂

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